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People place a large amount of emphasis on getting enough protein in their diet.  What they often do not realize, is that humans really do not require that much protein to be healthy.  Also, there are many different ways to get enough of this important nutrient.

Adults are encouraged to get 10 to 35 percent of their daily calories from protein.  That works out to about 46 grams of protein daily for women and 56 grams for men.  A typical 8 ounce piece of meat can contain over 50 grams of protein – basically all the protein that you need for a day!

Different kinds of meat, eggs and two bottles of milkAlthough, when you think about protein, images of slabs of meat, eggs, and other animal products often come to mind, these are only the most obvious protein sources.  ALL whole food, even vegetables, contain some protein!

It is important to consider alternative protein sources and cut down on the amount of meat consumed, not only for health reasons, but also for the sake of the planet.  The meat industry is very harmful to the environment.  The EPA estimates that runoff from factory farms into waterways is the largest single pollutant in the US. Livestock also drink about half of the country’s potable water each year, and they produce more excrement than humans, waste which also contaminates water.  Factory farms are not only unsustainable, but are also very uncomfortable for the animals raised in these conditions.  Animals in factory farms have been genetically modified, fed harmful antibiotics, and kept in small confining spaces so that they can produce the most meat possible in the shortest amount of time.

green leefOn the other hand, consuming plant-based protein not only cuts down on the need for factory farmed meat, but is also better for your body.  Plant-based foods are practically free from cholesterol, tend to be high in fiber, and are often alkalizing to the body. All animal products, are devoid of fiber, and are acidifying to the body, which causes calcium to be leached from your bones, as well as decreasing oxygen levels in the blood, and negatively impacting the digestive/lymphatic system.

There are many excellent sources of plant-based protein, such as legumes, nuts, and seeds.  Check out this chart for a thorough list of plant based proteins:


STILL think it’s impossible to get enough protein without eating meat?  Watch the video below –>  Frank Mendrano, the guy who can perform those super human moves, is VEGAN.


For more information on the meat industry, visit:


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